Ali-Akbar Velayati

Nuclear deal should be approved by parliament, Leader

TEHRAN, Jul. 10 (MNA) – The head of Expediency Council Strategic Research Center has said what happens in Vienna is quite different from what western media represent in their outlets.Ali Akbar Velayati told a program in Iran’s IRIB Channel 5 through a phone call on Thursday night that west acted as if all things had been complete; however, “what results comes out of Vienna should be approved by the Parliament and the Leader as well.”

“A deal would be hammered out only if it remains committed to red lines; our negotiators work day and night with all their best capacity, whose efforts should be appreciated,” the Leader’s adviser said.

In response to program anchor who asked Mr. Velayati’s analysis of Kerry’s remarks who had said that if difficult decisions were to be made, they [US] would be prepared to leave negotiation table, with the premise that Obama had told him negotiations could not continue indefinitely, he said that “these sort of remarks are part of a psychological propaganda; since the new round of talks kicked off, with deadline missed and extended again, they have alternately spoken of military option on and off the table; if juxtaposed, these make a larger image of a psychological war against Iran, which we should not remain a passive victim; the Islamic Republic of Iran had never taken even a single step back, and as guided by the Leader, they have the carte blanche to extend talks whenever a deadline is missed,” Mr. Velayati told the program through phone.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran would not propose an extension; nor would it oppose one; we are fully prepared for any extension if they [west] think there is a need to another extension of the deadline,” he asserted.

Velayati dismissed the latest remarks by Obama and Kerry as part of a psychological war, which now “has found ludicrous dimensions, as it is a known phenomenon by the US and its mercenaries in the region,” he concluded.

By Mehr News Agency