Iran-P5+1 talks

US Analyst: Conclusion of nuclear deal a smart move

Eric S. Margolis, an American-born journalist and writer, says that at this critical juncture it would be a smart move by the parties to the talks if they can clinch a nuclear deal as soon as possible.

He said in an exclusive interview with IRNA that the obstacles thrown in the way of nuclear talks at a time when the major issues have been settled show that the opponents are ratcheting up pressure to thwart the talks.

Margolis, who is also affiliated with International Institute of Strategic Studies in London, further said that raising the question of military sanctions at the final hours of the talks is one such obstacle, adding that negotiators – who ink the agreement –implicitly agree that Iran has no nuclear weapons and is not seeking to acquire one.

The veteran journalist went on to say that despite such pressures, the main [outstanding] issues have been settled, adding I announce with guarded optimism that a nuclear deal is very much likely to be inked by Friday.