Senate Democrats: No reason to rush for Iran nuclear deal

Democratic senators are convinced to give the Obama administration more time to reach a good final nuclear agreement with Iran following a meeting with US President Barack Obama.

The US president met a group of senators on Wednesday and said he would not accept a weak agreement.

Senator Tim Kaine said after the meeting that the “slipping of the time doesn’t trouble me.”

“I would rather work to find a good deal… than try to rush it,” he added.

Washington and its five negotiating partners are in intensive talks with Tehran to finalize a nuclear agreement until Friday.

The two sides were supposed to end the nuclear talks by the end of last month, but they decided to extend their self-imposed deadline to discuss unresolved issues.

Senator Tom Udall said American lawmakers should not be concerned about the time.

“I think they’re trying to work through some really contentious issues and I think we should just give them the time to do that,” he said.

Senator Chris Murphy also noted there is “absolutely no reason to rush. We can get a deal but we should take the time to get there.”

“Listen, the president had us all over to the White House last night. He went out of his way last night to make it clear that he is prepared to walk away from the table and bear the consequences if the Iranians don’t bend on these last few remaining issues,” he said.

The White House announced that Obama on Wednesday discussed the talks during a video conference with his national security team, Secretary of State John Kerry, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, and the US negotiating team in Vienna.

By Press TV