US must coordinate Syria airstrikes with Damascus: Russia

China, Russia against reimposing sanctions

IENNA, Jul. 07 (MNA) – Not in line with Paris and Washington, china and Russia oppose reinstatement of sanctions against Iran if talks failed.

China and Russia are both against the automatic return of the sanctions on condition of failure in talks, as the two veto-wielding members of the UN Security Council do not trust the sincerity of the Americans and the French in talks.

One of the heating debates of the last minutes ahead of the July 7 deadline is what mechanism shall be implemented to return the pre-negotiations sanctions and many analysts are speculating over the subject.

It is said that, Sergei Lavrov and Wang Yi have formed a front to face the Westerners in the coming minutes ahead of the gathering of 5+1 members.

Mehr News correspondent is reporting a more active approach of Chinese in the last round of the talks in a bid to change the destiny of the nearly 2-year-long negotiations between Iran and the 5+1.

By Mehr News Agency