Ambassador calls for protection of legacy of nuclear talks in Vienna

Paris, July 5, IRNA – Iran’s Ambassador to France Ali Ahani said on Sunday that Iran and six world power have spent energy and time over the past two years, calling for extreme care for protection of the nuclear talks.

He made the remarks in an interview with Sputnik Radio.

He said that the agreement will be important for Iran and for the six world powers either, because the agreement will be capable of resolving the unnecessary crisis that they created over 10 years ago.

Asked about what really such an agreement will change in Iran?

He said that the agreement will lead to normalizing Iran’s relations with the UN nuclear agency, IAEA, terminate the sanctions, will permit Iran to pursue its development plans which had earlier unfortunately been affected by the sanctions, more effectively, and will permit Iran to play a more effective role in its campaign against terrorism and extremism.

‘In addition, the nuclear agreement will enable Iran to continue its quite peaceful nuclear program and its research and development in the field under the supervision of the IAEA,’ he added.

Ahani said that over 90% of the gap in views of the two sides have already been resolved, but there are issues in need of greater efforts to be resolved, all the same expressing hope that the final comprehensive agreement will be achieved within the next couple of days.

The Iranian ambassador also noted that the July 7 new timeline set for signing the agreement is logical and the presence of seven foreign ministers in Vienna shows the importance of a settlement for all the governments.