Terrorists imitate ISIL executions in footage

A Takfiri terrorist group has released a gruesome video emulating the executions performed by the rival militant group, ISIL.

The footage, modeled after ISIL videos in many aspects, shows militants with the so-called Jaysh al-Islam terrorist group shooting 18 purported ISIL militants in the head.

The video clip uses sound effects and visuals similar to those used in ISIL videos. The executioners are, however, dressed in orange and the fettered militants in black, the opposite of what takes place in many ISIL clips.

Jaysh al-Islam militants are seen saying the ISIL forces are being executed in part to avenge the beheading of at least three Jaysh al-Islam members by the ISIL.

Frame grab from the video purportedly showing the execution of 18 ISIL militants by rival so-called Jaysh al-Islam group

On June 25, a video emerged titled “Repent Before You Are In Our Hands,” showing ISIL terrorists beheading 12 men from rival groups.

The prisoners, dressed in orange jumpsuits, were seen pinned to the ground and kneeling in a field before masked ISIL militants beheaded them with small knives.

ISIL said the 12 rival militants were captured following fierce clashes in Eastern Ghouta on the outskirts of Damascus. Three of the men were identified as members of Jaish al-Islam, and a fourth from al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front.

The Takfiri group that has become known as ISIL started its campaign of terror in Syria in 2013, when it sought to merge with al-Nusra. Al-Nusra refused the merger, and ISIL has since been at odds with the group.

The video is expected to heat up the rivalry between the two, with the ISIL seeking to be established as a terrorist group of unparalleled brutality.

By Press TV