All imported petrol euro-4: Senior MP

TEHRAN July 01(Shana)–Head of the parliament’s energy committee says all the gasoline imported to Iran enjoy euro-4 specifications.

Ali Marvi said the committee approves that all the country’s imported petrol is euro-4 based on the documents handed to the committee by the petroleum ministry.
The MP said the same last week in another interview with Shana.

Also a member of energy committee of the Iranian parliament said last week that all the gasoline Iran imports meets euro-4 specifications.
Currently Iran imports 6ml/d of petrol, said Hussein Amiri Khamkani.

“Iran has only been importing euro-4 petrol since July 2014 and has rejected two cargoes which failed to meet euro-4 standards,” the MP said.
He said Iran is purchasing only euro-4 gasoline despite sanctions which target fuel.

Iran’s Ministry of Petroleum plans to distribute 23 million liters of euro-4 gasoline in the current calendar year to March 2016.
Iran’s oldest oil refinery in the southwestern city of Abadan would account for 4 million liters.

Arak refinery in central Iran will be producing 16 ml of euro-4 gasoline after its overhaul.
Euro-4 gasoline distribution lies within the framework of a government directive with a view to curbing air pollution.

Euro-4 gasoil and gasoline distribution started in major cities of Tehran, Arak and Karaj last calendar year. Tabriz refinery started distributing 1ml/d of euro-4 gasoline in the northwestern city of Tabriz last summer.
Last month, the Iranian government scrapped subsidized gasoline rationing system to unify the petrol and gasoil prices.

Each liter of regular gasoline sells at IRR 10,000 and each liter of premium gasoline at IRR 12,000.
Each dollar is traded for nearly IRR 29,000 officially and for around IRR 33,000 on open market.