Mohammad Farhadi

Iran welcomes scientific interactions with regional countries

Tehran, June 29, IRNA – Iranian minister of science, research and technology Mohammad Farhadi on Monday welcomed the proposal for scientific interactions with regional countries in a meeting with the head of UNESCO Regional Office in Tehran.

Farhadi and Esther Kuisch Laroche reviewed activities of UNESCO’s five scientific boards in Iran.
Farhadi called for expansion of scientific, cultural and artistic cooperation among the regional countries.
Meanwhile, Farhadi ensured director of UNESCO regional office that the activities of UNESCO national commission will be broadened under the management of its new director.
Farhadi said that in addition to the broader activities of UNESCO national commission, specialized committees on various fields will be active in the presence of scientists and university academics from relative fields contributing to broader scientific and technological cooperation though UNESCO.
The head of UNESCO Regional Office in Tehran appreciated Iran’s appropriate cooperation in scientific, cultural and artistic fields with such regional countries as Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkmenistan.
Meanwhile, Esther Kuisch Laroche said that the closeness of UNESCO regional offices in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan and Iran contributes to establishment of appropriate scientific and cultural cooperation among the four countries.
She welcomed Iran’s cooperation in such other fields as water management, preservation of cultural heritage, research in natural science and similar fields with the UNESCO Regional Office in Tehran.