Speaker: Images of Sardasht chemical bombing not to fade away

Mahabad, West Azarbaijan prov, June 29, IRNA – Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said the images of the disaster caused by chemical bombing in the city of Sardasht will never fade away from the minds of Iranians.

In a message to a gathering here on the occasion of the 28th anniversary of the chemical bombing of the city of Sardasht in northwest of the country by the Saddam regime, he paid tribute to the memory of 116 martyrs and over 5000 people who were injured in the criminal incident and said the images of the crime could never be wiped away from the memory of the Iranian nation as well as other freedom-seeking people in the world.

He said the savage bombing of defenseless civilians and destroying their homes made the name of the brutal regime to be remembered in the history.

He said the chemical bombing of Sardasht was the most hilarious crime of the kind which had many catastrophic consequences, with many bodies and souls still suffering from its wounds.

Iraqi war planes targeted civilians in the city of Sardasht in West Azarbaijan on 28 of June, 1987 with chemical weapons. Some 116 citizens of Sardasht were martyred and over 5,000 people were wounded by the deadly chemical attacks.