Sa’adi commemorated in Vietnam

Tehran, June 29, IRNA – Renowned classical Persian poet Sa’di was commemorated in a recent ceremony in the Vietnamese capital, Hanoi.

Iran’s Embassy in Vietnam invited Sa’di Foundation’s Deputy Head for Training and Research Reza Morad Sahraei to attend the event, ISNA reported.

The latest issue of the journal affiliated to Vietnam’s National Center for Social Sciences and Humanities was also unveiled on the sidelines of the ceremony.

Vietnamese author and translator Tai Bai Tan introduced his works titled ‘An Anthology of Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh’ (Book of Kings), ‘An Anthology of Sa’di’s Golestan’ and ‘Khayyam’s Rubaiyat’.

Vietnam’s National Center for Social Sciences and Humanities has enrolled almost 70 students in its Persian language course.

Sheikh Musleheddin Sa’di Shirazi was one of the major Persian poets from the medieval period. Still widely quoted and recited by Iranians, he is recognized not only for the quality of his writing, but also for the depth of his social thoughts.

‘Boustan’ (Orchard) and ‘Golestan’ (Flower Garden) are his masterpieces. ‘Boustan’ is entirely in verse (epic meter) and consists of stories aptly illustrating the standard virtues recommended to Muslims, namely justice, liberality, modesty, contentment) as well as of reflections on the behavior of mystics.