Saudi solider killed in Yemen retaliatory rocket attacks

A Saudi solider has been killed by Yemeni retaliatory rocket fire in Saudi Arabia’s southern Jizan border region.

A Saudi solider was also wounded in the early Sunday attacks which were carried out in Jizan’s town of Hareth, according to Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry.

Late on Saturday, Yemeni troops backed by allied army units also attacked two bases in the region.

Earlier in the day, army forces and Houthi fighters carried out a similar attack on the Khabbash military camp in the southern Saudi province of Najran.

According to reports, a Saudi colonel and three other troops were killed in that attack.

Yemeni forces launch such attacks in retaliation for Saudi Arabia’s merciless airstrikes, carried out since March 26.

During the latest series of Saudi bombings, warplanes carried out raids in the southern Aden province, and on a military base in Yemen’s southwestern province of Lahij.

Saudi jets also targeted several regions in the central Ma’rib province and the southwestern Ta’izz province.

Saudi Arabia carries out attacks, without a UN mandate, in an attempt to weaken the Ansarullah movement and restore the fugitive former president, Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi, to power.

By Press TV