Ejei: 70% of prisoners indirectly connected with drugs

Tehran, June 28, IRNA – Judiciary First Deputy Chief Hojjatoleslam Gholamhossein Mohseni Ejei said over 44% of prisoners in the country directly and 70% indirectly are connected with narcotic drugs.

Speaking in a televised program on Saturday night, Ejei said since 18 years ago the Anti-Drug Headquarters has been commissioned to establish camps to separate addicts and drug criminals from other inmates but so far it has failed to take such a measure.

He said people’s expectation is that the government and relevant agencies render assistance in this regard.

As for the political pressured imposed on the judiciary in certain cases, Ejei said judgment is a grave responsibility and naturally there is the possibility of showing reaction when being faced with an accused, a corrupt or a criminal.

Such reactions will become severer if such trends are organized and have influence on political trends, he further remarked.

He said the judiciary has encountered with those enjoying special status, position, wealth and power and has examined their cases and will deal with them without any discrimination.

Stressing that more pressure should be expected, Ejei further remarked that when we deal with the “big pieces” they also try to confront with the judiciary, adding that in all cases which belong to those enjoying specific status and position they will not remain silent and will show reaction.