Ahmadinejad has no plan for parliamentary elections

Tehran, June 27, The Iran Project – Ex-president doesn’t have any plan for Iran’s upcoming parliamentary elections, a senior presidential advisor in Ahmadinejad’s government said on Saturday.

Mr. Ahmadinejad has no plan to participate in Iran’s parliamentary elections or introduce candidates, Mojtaba Samareh Hashemi, senior adviser to Iran’s ex-president said.

In addition, expressing dissatisfaction over psychological operations against the previous government, Samareh Hashemi denied the news saying that Ahmadinejad has formed a ‘secret government’.

In its first issue, Weekly Tolou-e-Sobh reported on June 22 that Iran’s ex-president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has formed a ‘secret government’.

Iranians will vote for a new parliament on February 26, 2016, when elections for the Assembly of Experts are also due.