Official ban on dealing wildlife species finalized

TEHRAN, Jun.25 (MNA) – The Director-General of Department of Environmental Protection and Hunting and Fishing Management has announced ban on any dealing, export, and import of wildlife species.

Ali Teimouri told Mehr News that customs office personnel and Law Enforcement Force staff would receive necessary training for the purpose; “selling and buying, imports and exports of live animal species pose critical issues for the wildlife; to face this challenge, an agreement with Department of Environment, Border Patrol Forces, and Customs Office as parties, established a base on which to coordinate attempt to rectify this vicious circle, where the sole authority to issue permits to imports and exports of wildlife species remains with the Department of Environment,” he detailed.

“The agreement allows full examination of the records of dealing animal skin; when an animal undergoes a taxidermy, the year of being hunted or killed and the necessary permit should be known,” Teimouri told Mehr News.

“Any animal skin should have an identification document; the training session will make the Law Enforcement Force staff and Customs office with native and non-native species of animals,” he added.

By Mehr News Agency