Analyst: US greedy policies in N. talks leads to Iran’s mistrust

Moscow, June 25, IRNA – Coordinator of International Movement for establishment of ‘World Islam Ummah’ organization ‘ Mohamed Amin Majoudmor said on Thursday that the illegal demands and greedy policies of the US in nuclear talks have led to Iran’s mistrust.

Speaking to IRNA, he referred to the remarks made by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei on nuclear talks and said the Supreme Leader is fully well-aware of the plots and tricks masterminded by the US who seeks to weaken Iran’s stance.

The US is concerned about increase of Iran’s high capabilities at the international level and does its utmost to prevent the country to play its active role as a powerful state in the world Muslim, countries in the region and the globe.

The US and its western allies have not imposed economic sanctions against Iran to limit the country’s nuclear program, but they seek to weaken the country and nuclear issue is nothing more than a pretext to this end, he said.

The wise Iranian supreme leader could read the cards of the US and warned the Iranian people not to fall in such perilous trap, said the analyst.

The Iranian people under such sensitive junctures should stand shoulder to shoulder by their government and their Supreme Leader to continue their struggle and resistance, he said.

The US and West never took any action in favor of Islamic states and their attacks to countries such as Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan led to looting, destruction, carnage of thousands people and injuries of huge number of civilians, he said.

Apart form such realities, the support made by the western countries from Daesh Takfiri terrorist group incurred irreversible losses to Islamic countries such as Syria and tens of thousands of innocent civilians have been victimized by such terrorist groups, said the analyst.

The Islamic Republic of Iran as a powerful country in the Muslim World can play a significant role in foiling the plots hatched against Islamic Ummah, he said.

Condemning the crimes and atrocities made by Saudi Arabia in Yemen, he said the attacks incurred huge losses to Yemen as well as the region.

Saudi Arabia should not hit blows to Muslims, he said adding that the Saudi rulers should understand that their support to the enemies of Islam will defame them.