Cabinet receives 3300 written warnings from Parl.

TEHRAN, Jun. 23 (MNA) – Parliamentarians have issued 3324 written warnings within 11 months (June 2014 – May 2015), with President Rouhani receiving the largest number of warnings.

Parliament’s Supervision Affairs Deputy Hossein Mozaffar provided the open session of the Parliament on Tuesday with a report of Parliament’s supervisory function.

“President Rouhani received the largest number of written warnings (450), and the Minister of Defense received the least number (13 warnings); the sum of warnings shows a 23 percent decline when compared to that figure in Parliament’s second year of current term,” Mozaffar told Parliament in the report. “By subject, warnings received by cabinet ministers, fall into two major parts; six per cent in urban and rural road construction and agricultural issues; and five per cent in Ministry of Education human resource and welfare issues,” the report added.

The warnings are listed below by order of decreasing number and the topics on which warnings were issued the most:

Minister of Education: human resources and staff welfare issues;

Minister of Communications and IT: problems of communication line agencies;

Minister of Economic Affairs: banks, funds, credit and finance institutions;

Minister of Foreign Affairs: nuclear negotiations;

Minister of Health: completing and equipping hospitals and clinics;

Minister of Cooperatives: retirement pension payments;

Minister of Roads and Urban Planning: construction, repair and maintenance of rural connection roads;

Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade: mining industries;

Minister of Science, Research and Technology: university deanships;

Minister of Agriculture: supporting farmers;

Minister of Oil: gas utilities projects;

Minister of Energy: water transfer and provision projects;

Minister of Intelligence: security issues;

Minister of Justice: court hearing formalities;

Minister of Defense: ministry’s human resource and welfare issues;

Minister of Culture: media and press issues;

Minister of Interior Affairs: provincial governors’ issues;

Minister of Sports and Youth: completion of sport complexes and buildings.

The report also said that of 1721 oral warnings, 1526 were issued for the cabinet members, with Mr. Rouhani receiving the largest number (268) and minister of defense receiving the least number of warnings (4); in the same period, 170 representatives questioned the cabinet ministers, with 44 questions belonging to a single parliamentarian.

The number of questions declined in the second year to 675 questions down from 1079 questions in the first year of current Parliament; however, it took an increasing turn in the third year, rising again to 970 questions in the last 11 months. Minister of Energy received the largest number of questions with 107 questions and Minister of Defense was targeted with the least number (13), the report detailed.

In 65 questions, ministers’ responses were not persuasive enough, with 26 questions posed in open sessions of the parliament. Minister of Economic Affairs responded the largest number of questions with 9 and Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade responded to the least number of questions, 4.

By Mehr News Agency