University of Tehran to host 12th Int’l confab on membrane science, technology (MST2015)

TEHRAN (FNA)- The 12th International Conference on Membrane Science and Technology (MST2015) is due to be held by the College of Engineering of University of Tehran on 1-3 November 2015.

This event is held by the Iranian and international experts, aiming to introduce new technologies and findings, extend boundaries of knowledge and exchange scientific and technical ideas in the field of the application of membrane technology in various fields, including new and sustainable energies, petroleum, gas, petrochemicals, water and wastewater.

Among the scopes of the conference, mention can be made of membrane for fuel cell and energy applications, membrane for gas and vapor separation, membrane in petroleum industries, membrane for water and wastewater treatment, membrane for bio-refinery applications, bio-membranes, nano-membranes, membrane bioreactors, advanced materials for membrane fabrication, membrane contactors and multifunctional reactors, membranes characterization and modification, membranes for food and bio-product applications and membrane for pharmaceutical and medicine applications.

According to the secretariat of the conference, the deadlines for the submission of paper abstracts, date of abstract acceptance notification, final paper submission deadline and deadline for registration are 1 July, 15 July, 1 August, and 31 August respectively.

For more information about paper submission and registration, visit the conference’s website at

By Fars News Agency