Iran daily: Rouhani — nuclear talks are at “sensitive stage”

As nuclear negotiations between Iran and the 5+1 Powers approach a June 30 deadline, President Rouhani has said that the discussions are at a “sensitive stage”.

Rouhani made the remarks as he met Cabinet members and MPs on Sunday:

The issue of negotiations relates to the whole country. We hope that we will be able to reach an acceptable and promising result while preserving the nation’s rights and the country’s national interests with the help of the Parliament and support of the people.

The President just after Parliament advanced a bill setting conditions on the outcome of the talks. MPs voted 199-3 for formal consideration of a measure requiring the “safeguarding of nuclear achievements”. Demands included removal of all sanctions on the day that the final deal “takes effect”, a ban on access to Iran’s military sites, and no restrictions on Iran’s acquisition of nuclear technology for peaceful purposes or on research and development.

However, the MPs indicated that the bill was more a public posture than a move to curb the talks, as they acknoledged that authority still resides with the Supreme National Security Council.

Rouhani followed that script on Sunday, saying that the discussions with the 5+1 (US, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, and China) have always been based on criteria set by the Supreme National Security Council and the Constitution, as well as the guidelines of the Supreme Leader.

The political deputies of Iran and the 5+1 are in their eighth round of negotiations in Vienna since an April 2 framework, setting down the final draft of a comprehensive agreement. Foreign Ministers are expected to join the discussions at the end of the week.

Both Iran and France have indicated that the talks may continue for a few days after the June 30 deadline, to ensure a final resolution of the protracted conflict.

By EA WorldView