‘Aviation giants courting Iran markets’

Iran’s minister of roads and urban development says foreign companies have warmly welcomed participation in developing the country’s transportation sector.

Abbas Akhoundi made the comments a few days after his recent visit to Paris where he met with a number of French officials.

“The visit was made at the official invitation of French authorities and opened up a good opportunity to pave the way for foreign partnership in improving Iran’s aviation fleet and developing the country’s airports,” he told reporters in Tehran.

“During the meetings, several issues including developing airports as well as the transportation infrastructure via participation of international investors were raised. Despite the bluffs, there was warm reception”, he said.
Last week, Akhoundi travelled to Paris to take part in an international air show.

During the visit, he met with French government officials, including Minister of Territorial Equality and Housing Sylvia Pinel. The Iranian minister also held separate talks with officials from French aviation giant Airbus.

Iran says it needs up to 500 aircraft to renovate its aging aviation fleet.

Iran has already unveiled plans to refurbish its aging aviation fleet. Tehran says it needs up to 500 aircraft to renovate the sector.

Major foreign companies have been keeping a close eye on the talks between Iran and the P5+1 group of countries amid rising hopes that they could return to the country’s lucrative market after anti-Iran sanctions are lifted as part of a final nuclear deal.

By Press TV