87.5% of Tehranis trust Iranian negotiating team: poll

Tehran, June 22, IRNA – According to a recent survey conducted by Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), 87.5% of Tehrani people trust the Iranian negotiating team.

As the deadline for reaching a nuclear deal between Iran and the six world powers approaches, IRNA has conducted a survey to examine how Tehrani people see the conduct of nuclear talks by the Iranian negotiators.

An absolute majority of the respondents (94.1%) believed that the Iranian negotiating team follows the lead of the Supreme Leader. 71.4% of them said the negotiators fully obey the Supreme Leader and 22.7% believed they partly obey the guidelines of the Leader.

84.5% of those interviewed were satisfied with President Hassan Rouhani’s practical measures to fulfill his promises about interaction with the world and beginning a new round of nuclear talks with world powers.

87.2% of Tehrani people said they believed Iranian negotiators are professional experts that can defend the national interests of the country.

The majority of respondents (66.4%) said they supported the negotiating team, while only 11.1% said they opposed the negotiators, with 22.5% others saying they supported the team but leveled some criticism at the negotiators at the same time.

86% of the respondents said they believed the nuclear talks have to be continued, while 14% others said they opposed with the continuation of negotiations.

The outcome of the survey also suggested that 71.4% of Tehranis think the conduct of nuclear talks supports the national interests of the country, while 28.6% of them believe that the negotiations do not support the national interests.