Yekta party

Yekta party to open provincial offices after Ramadan

Tehran, June 21, The Iran Project – A member of Yekta Party says that provincial offices and conferences will be opened after the holy month of Ramadan.

Provincial offices of Yekta party has already been formed, but we are going to open them after the holy month of Ramadan, said Kamran Daneshjoo, a member of Yekta (an acronym for a Persian phrase that translates into “comrades for the effectiveness and transformation of the Islamic Iran”).

Daneshjoo added that members of the judiciary committee are trying to get permission from the Interior Ministry.

Iran’s Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli said on Monday [June 17] that the formation and activities of Yekta Party are illegal, stressing any party or group needs to get a permit from the Commission on Article 10 of the Parties Law to get engaged in political activities.

A number of ministers of Ahmadinejad’s government – including Interior and Defense Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar, Science Minister Kamran Daneshjoo and Education Minister Hamidreza Haji Babaee – announced the formation of their party in a conference last week.