Weekly trade value in IME hits 263 million

TEHRAN (ISNA)- During the week ending up to 17th June, Iran Mercantile Exchange was the host for trading of 465 KT of various commodities with the total value of more than $263 million in spot market.

According to the report from IME international affairs and PR, during this week in agricultural trading floor, 4,225 MT of sugar, 46,320 MT of maize, 4,300 MT of rice, 340MT Oilseeds Meals and 295 MT of barely were traded.

Moreover, in Domestic and Export metals and minerals trading floor of IME, 184 KT of products with the total value of more than $96 million were traded. In this trading floor, 113 KT of steel sections, 55 KT of iron ore, 8,570 MT of copper, 200 MT of Molybdenum Concentrate, 6,820 MT of Aluminums, 200 MT of coke, as well as 6 MT of concentrate were traded by customers.

Also, in Domestic and Export oil and petrochemical trading floor of IME, 225 KT of different commodities with the total value of $102 million were sold. Also, 90 KT of bitumen, 28 KT of polymer products, 70 KT of VB, 13 KT of lube-cut, 13 KT of chemical products, 300 MT of insulation, 9,870 MT of sulfur and 2 KT of Slap wax were traded in this trading floor.