Ansarullah slams Riyadh for wrecking Yemen talks in Geneva

Geneva, Jun 20, IRNA – Head of the Ansarullah delegation Hamza Al-Houthy in Geneva held Saudia Arabia responsible for the collapse of the Yemen talks.

Addressing a press briefing at a hotel in Geneva on Friday, Al-Houthy accused Riyadh of actively undermining the Yemen peace negotiations.

Asked by IRNA to what degree he thought Saudi Arabia had sabotaged the talks, Al-Houthy stressed the Arab kingdom had used all their powers to

make sure these talks would fail.

Saudi Arabia has played many wars on the sidelines of these talks to make sure they would not succeed. They simply did not want these talks to succeed. They don’t want a ceasefire, Al-Houthy said.

We were sincere. We wanted a solution but their numerous pre-conditions disrupted the talks, he added.

Al-Houthy noted he was not surprised by Riyadh’s subversion tactics, saying they had stifled the political dialogue among Yemeni parties, even before their brutal military onslaught.

He also accused Riyadh of buying a number of member states in the United Nations Security Council as part of their strategy to ensure there

won’t be a political solution to war-stricken Yemen.

Al-Houthy said the latest developments notwithstanding, his side remained committed to a comprehensive national Yemeni dialogue aimed at finding a political resolution of the bloody conflict.