Rouhani felicitates beginning of Ramadan to heads of Islamic states

Tehran, June 19, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani in a separate messages addressed to the heads of different Islamic states felicitated the beginning of fasting month of Ramadan to them.

The Iranian president noted in his felicitation messages that Ramadan is a month of blessings, peace, brotherhood and friendship and expressed hope that by strengthening unity and cordiality in the Islamic world, peace and security would once again expand among the Muslim people more than ever before in the past.

According to the Presidential Office Website on Friday, President Rouhani wrote, ‘The message of the Ramadan is blessing, peace, brotherhood and friendship and it is hoped that during such an august month by remembering the Islamic teachings, the Islamic Umma (nation) will witness consolidated unity and cordiality inside it, and expansion of peace and security worldwide.

The president meanwhile said in the message that currently terrorism and killing of innocent people, expansion of violence and extremism, efforts aimed at creation of disunion among the Muslims and presenting an incorrect and violent picture of Islam and the Muslims are the serious challenges with which Islamic world is entangled today.

Rouhani underlined that it is necessary, more than ever before today, that the Islamic countries will double thier cooperation, strengthen amicable ties, and safeguard their religious unity and fraternity in direction of fulfillment of Islam ideals to resolve the newly emerged difficulties.

He at the end wished full prosperity and high pride for Islamic governments and nations.