Security can be restored in Iraq soon: Shamkhani

Tehran, June 17, IRNA – Secretary of Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani said on Wednesday that security can be restored to Iraq within shortest possible time.

‘Due to high capability and extreme potential of Iraq, security can be fully restored to the country within a short span of time following elimination of the terrorist groups,’ Shamkhani told visiting Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in Tehran on Wednesday.

Shamkhani ruled out claims by western officials that it takes five to seven years to fight Daesh and said they are raising such issues to continue the crisis and realize their separatist goals.

He underlined integrated nature of security of the neighboring countries, saying survival and activity of terrorist groups in regional countries under any pretext and guideline is unacceptable. ‘Curbing security threats needs collective efforts and sincere cooperation among collection of countries engaged in the crisis.’

Shamkhani said permanent instability and insecurity is the plot of enemies for Syria so as to spread crisis to entire region. ‘Continuation of the trend will not only ruin Syria but the countries themselves.’

The Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution’s representative in the Supreme National Security Council said to guarantee lasting security, growth and progress of Iran and Iraq and turn into a pattern of relations in the region, strategic cooperation in the political, economic, cultural and security domains can be expanded.

Also referring to the successful experience of joint implementation of many projects by Iran and Iraq, he said it has had tangible profits for Iran and Iraq.

He said expediting implementation of mutual agreements in the commercial, development, transportation, and energy fields as well as upgrading border systems’ capacity and common waterways can activate new capacity for upgrading level of mutual cooperation.

Al-Abadi for his part appreciated Iran for its extensive support to fight terrorism and restore security in Iraq and said upgrading cooperation and continued consultations to adopt common political, security and economic strategies is of high significance.

He said terrorism in Iraq and Syria are not different with each other and it is a devastating threat for the entire region.

The Iraqi premier said that relying on the faithful Iraqi army and youth, the regions remaining under occupation of terrorists will be liberated and security and stability will be restored in Iraq.