Iran welcomes UAE investors to Chabahar Free Zone: Iran official

An Iranian official says investors from the United Arab Emirates will be welcome to bring their capital to Chabahar Free Zone in southeastern Iranian province of Sistan and Baluchestan.

Hamed Ali Mobaraki, managing director of the Chabahar Free Zone told IRNA in Dubai that due to its geographical position in the proximity of important international waterways, Chabahar port city is considered as the most important Iranian port outside the Persian Gulf and also provides the shortest route for transit of commodities to countries in the Central Asia.

“So far, many European, Chinese, Emirati, and South Korean companies have started investments in this zone,” he added.

Mobaraki stated that due to the longstanding relations between Iran and the Persian Gulf littoral states, there are suitable grounds for further strengthening of economic cooperation between Iran and the United Arab Emirates.

Workers walking near containers at the Kalantari port in city of Chabahar on May 12, 2015. ©AFP

Speaking about the investment facilities considered for foreign investors in Chabahar, the official said the facilities included removal of limits on the amount of capital brought to the zone, offering legal guarantees on the investments made in the Chabahar Free Zone, as well as an annual 20-percent tax discount on revenues and assets in the zone.

Mobaraki is currently in Dubai to take part in an international conference on the investment opportunities in Iran’s free zones.

The conference was inaugurated Saturday night, with Akbar Torkan, a senior advisor to Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani, and Iran’s Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Mohammad Reza Fayyaz, in attendance.

Organized by the Iranian Business Council in Dubai, the event is also attended by a group of Iranian businesspeople and investors as well as a number of businesspeople from the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

The role of free zones in the economic development of Iran, ways of attracting foreign capital and technology to Iran’s free zones, and major grounds for investment in Arvand and Chabahar free zones, are major topics of discussion during the conference.

By Press TV