Anti-Iran senator motivated by Israel: Analyst

Republican Senator Bob Corker, who has called on President Barack Obama to stop the ongoing nuclear negotiations with Iran, has been motivated by Israel, says political commentator Brandon Martinez.

In a letter on Monday, Corker asked Obama to “pause and consider rethinking the entire approach” toward Iran with regard to a possible deal with the Islamic Republic over its nuclear program.

“Walking away from a bad deal at this point would take courage, but it would be the best thing for the United States, the region and the world,” the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee claimed.

Martinez said “to understand this, we have to look at who’s motivating this individual and, for example, there is a recent report out of Wall Street Journal which made it pretty clear that Mr. Corker is a partisan to Israel.”

“The Israeli lobby group of AIPAC is the named organization that’s pushing congressmen in Washington to take a belligerent stance towards Iran,” he told Press TV on Tuesday.

“And most of the senators and congressmen who are dissuading against any kind of deal with Iran are all of the pro-Israeli senators, these are the people who get campaign financing from the Israeli lobby groups.”

He added that “Obama is trying to play the middle ground, he is not as hawkish not as belligerent or bellicose as the neocon pro-Israel element within the US government.”

Representatives of EU, US, Britain, France, Russia, Germany, China and Iran meet for another round of talks in Vienna, Austria on June 12, 2015. (AFP Photo)

He went on to say that while a few nations, including the US, Israel, Pakistan, India, Russia and China have nuclear weapons, it is totally unfair to prevent Iran from having even nuclear power for peaceful purposes.

“This is the bigger nations, more powerful countries that are teaming up against smaller weaker nations,” he said, adding that Washington and Tel Aviv “want to make sure that no country in the Middle East other than Israel has any kind of military clout.”

Since 9/11, the US and Israel have been trying to “subjugate and subdue these countries surrounding Israel, make sure that they have no military capacity to resist Israeli imperial hegemony and domination in the Middle East,” Martinez stated.

Israelis are so belligerent and “so committed to war that even this kind of deal has to be scuttled from their point of view,” he added.

Washington and its negotiating partners are currently holding talks with Tehran in order to finalize a comprehensive nuclear agreement by the end of this month.

By Press TV