Majlis to interpellate education minister next Wed.

TEHRAN, Jun.16 (MNA) – Minister of Education Ali Asghar Fani is set be questioned by Iran’s Parliament on June 24, Majlis Vice-Speaker Mohammad Reza Bahonar announced on Tuesday.

“Under article 223 of Majlis internal regulations, Commission for Education and Research has reviewed the issue of interpellating the Minister of Education and while a number of interpellators withdrew their signatures, the number of remaining signatures did not drop below ten,” said Majlis Vice-Speaker Mohammad Reza Bahonar, confirming that the Minister of Education would be asked for a questioing session.

According to Bahonar, the interpellation session of Minister of Education Ali Asghar Fani will thus be held on June 24 in Iran’s Parliament. Fani will be questioned due to management issues and hiring employers considered disqualifiedin for the office.

The Parliament in Iran (Majlis) not only has the responsibility of approving the prime minister and cabinet members but also has the right to question any individual minister or anyone from the government as a whole about policies.

Articles 88 and 89 require ministers to appear before the Majlis within ten days to respond to a request for interpellation. If the deputies are dissatisfied with the information obtained during such questioning, they may request the Majlis to schedule a confidence vote on the performance of a minister or the government.

By Mehr News Agency