Justice minister: Nuclear talks symbol of Iran’s diplomatic clout

Qom, June 14, IRNA – Justice Minister Hojjatoleslam Mostafa Pourmohammadi described the nuclear talks as a symbol of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s capabilities in the foreign diplomacy.

‘Thanks to the 11th government’s diplomatic skills and making use of all its national capabilities, the world considers the Iranian nation as owner of civilization and culture and it has accepted that the Islamic Republic has many things for uttering,’ Pourmohammadi said, addressing a ceremony in the Holy City of Qom on Sunday.

He noted that the art of diplomacy is making use of these capabilities and today ‘we can see this effectiveness’; the world’s high-ranking delegations visit Iran everyday and the volume of our tourism industry has exceeded 190 percent.

Pourmohammadi said that the world had a bad impression about Iran in the past and all tourism locations that are welcomed today by international tourists also existed in the past, but the are of behaving good is rendering and defending.