Iran: West not fulfilling plane parts promise

Iran’s aviation companies are still facing stringent Western restrictions for procurement of plane parts, secretary of Association of Iranian Airlines (AIRA) has said. 

Western governments must allow sales of plane parts to Iran under a preliminary nuclear deal signed in November 2013, but Maqsoud As’adi Samani said they are refusing to fulfill the commitment.

“Plane parts are procured under the former procedure and no new development has happened in this regard,” he said.

“After the Geneva agreement, a few aircraft manufacturers had temporary cooperation in certain areas with Iranian companies but parts are mainly procured under the austere sanctions regime.”

Boeing entered into an agreement with Iran Air in 2014, which generated $120,000 in gross revenues, the American company said then.

The deal included sale of aircraft manuals, drawings and navigation charts as well as data to the Iranian flag carrier airline.

Iran’s civil aviation is under US and European sanctions which have led to a series of plane crashes in which hundreds of people have lost lives.

Planes parked at a terminal at Mehrabad Airport in Tehran.

The US government is actively working to block nine recently acquired Airbus jets which Iran plans to use on international routes, American media quoted an official as saying last week.

The senior administration official said the US would continue to “vigorously” enforce the sanctions it has in place on Iran, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The US threat comes as nuclear negotiations with Iran are heading to the final stretch. Tehran has made it clear that it would not settle for anything short of removal of sanctions across the board if a deal were to be signed.

Officials have said Iran would take legal action if the US tried to block the jetliners on international journeys.

Mahan Air acquired eight used A340s and one A321 last month as part of Iran’s efforts to rebuild the country’s aging commercial fleet and announced its plan to use them on international routes.

The airline is under US sanctions as of Oct. 2011, with the US government saying Mahan Air’s assets were “blockable”, raising fears it would have them impounded at international airports.

By Press TV