Gov’t to overpower sanctions

TEHRAN June 14(Shana)–Iran’s vice-president for executive affairs has said that the government will overpower international sanctions slapped on Tehran.

“The administration of prudence and hope (an allusion to President Hassan Rouhani’s administration) will overpower cruel sanctions [imposed] by enemies against our country,” Mohammad Shariatmadari said.

He said that the government needs the assistance of people, elite and thinkers in its efforts to defeat the sanctions.

“On behalf of the Iranian nation, the nuclear negotiating team of the Islamic Republic is seriously fighting on the diplomatic front to restore the rights of the Iranian nation,” said Shariatmadari.

He said that the Iranian people should continue to support the nuclear negotiators.

“We have to acknowledge that the sanctions have imposed heavy financial pressure on the country,” he said.

Shariatmadari said the sanctions do not let Central Bank of Iran (CBI) to transfer in Iran’s petrodollars.

The country is in talks with six world powers with a view to having sanctions relieved in return for limits on its nuclear program.