Iran, 5+1 ministerial meeting due June 20

TEHRAN, Jun. 13 (MNA) – Russian deputy FM Sergey Rybakov has announced Iran and 5+1 nuclear talks at the ministerial level will be held on June 20.

Russian deputy FM Sergey Rybakov added the meeting between foreign ministers of Iran and the six states will be held prior to July 1 and the sides will hold a meeting next week on June 20.

According to Rusiya Al-Yaum, he further maintained that meeting over Tehran’s nuclear program at deputy level will not take place next week.

The Moscow’s top nuclear negotiator in Vienna said while opportunities for reaching a nuclear accord before deadline have increased, the two sides have not progressed much over the lift of sanctions against arms imports to Iran.

He had previously maintained Russia insists on the termination of sanctions on arms imports to Iran as soon as a nuclear agreement is reached.

Delegations from Iran and the 5+1 group of countries – the US, Britain, France, Russia, and China – plus Germany – planned to discuss several disputable issues and agree upon the dates of foreign ministers’ participation. They had a number of plenary and bilateral talks on Friday in the Austrian capital.

Iran and the six states have been working on the text of the potential deal over Tehran’s nuclear program since they reached the mutual understanding on its parameters on April 2.

By Mehr News Agency