Iran’s National Orchestra

Iran’s National Orchestra resumes activities after 3-year hiatus

Iran’s National Orchestra has resumed its activities after a 3-year hiatus in the capital, Tehran.

Conducted by maestro Farhad Fakhreddini, the orchestra celebrated its return with a concert held at Tehran’s Vahdat Hall on Wednesday.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Moammad Javad Zarif and Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Ali Jannati attended the concert along with a number of other Iranian officials and Tehran-based foreign dignitaries and ambassadors.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif (C) arrives to attend a concert of Iran’s National Orchestra in the capital, Tehran, June 10, 2015. (Mehr photo)

Iranian Tar virtuoso Keyvan Saket and vocalists Salar Aqili and Mohammad Motamedi accompanied the orchestra in its performance.

Fakhreddini, the conductor, said he was satisfied with the performance, adding that the orchestra will continue its activities in accordance with Iran’s national music objectives.

Fakhreddini also announced that the orchestra will likely perform from July 1 to 3, 2015 at Tehran’s Vahdat Hall.

The 78-year-old composer, who founded Iran’s National Orchestra in 1998, resigned in 2009, after the management of the orchestra was entrusted to the Roudaki Foundation.

Fakhreddini was awarded Iran’s Order of Merit in arts and culture in 2005. A stamp was also issued in his honor in 2008.

The renowned musician is known for composing and conducting the Persian Gulf opus. He has also composed soundtracks of many successful movies such as Mohammad-Ali Najafi’s 1988 ‘Night Nurse’ as well as numerous television series, including ‘Avicenna’ and ‘Imam Ali (PBUH).’

Fakhreddini has accompanied Iran’s National Orchestra in numerous concerts held in Iran and other countries such as Switzerland and Kuwait. The orchestra was dissolved in October 2012 due to financial problems.

By Press TV