DOE chief hails government’s environmental achievements

TEHRAN June 08(Shana)–Gasoline production shutdown at petrochemical plants and distribution of euro-4 gasoline have contributed to lowering pollution in mega cities especially in Tehran, head of Department Of Environment (DOE) Masoumeh Ebtekar said.

She referred to improving the quality of air in mega cities as one of the main environmental achievements of president Rouhani’s administration, adding distribution of euro-4 gasoline and fight against pollution were among the main targets the government put into force by petroleum ministry.

She continued that the government has managed to bring down sulfur content in gasoil from 7 thousand part per million (PPM) to just 50 ppm which is the result of hard efforts by oil refineries to improve the quality of their products.

Referring to the very negative impact of pollution on human health, she said in view of World Health Organization (WHO) pollution is one the main reasons behind mortality in the world especially in developing countries, adding a number of health problems including cancers, cardiovascular diseases and stroke stem from pollution.
Elsewhere in her remarks, she said DOE will pursue to replace fuel oil by natural gas as the fuel used by power plants especially those power plants are located near cities adding there is no doubt that the initiative will contribute to improvement of air quality in cities.

“Observing environmental standards by oil refineries and power plants, expanding public transportation and replacing clapped down cars by new ones are among the common solutions deployed all over the world with the aim of reducing pollution”, she concluded.