Climate change causes spread of dust in region

Tehran, June 7, IRNA – Climate change, drought, low precipitations and lower water level in marshlands have caused environmental challenges to Iran and the Western Asian nations, Department of Environment chief said on Sunday.

‘A major part of the dust pollution in Iran comes to our country through Iraq and in fact Iraq, Jordan, Syria and the Arabian Peninsula are the major foreign centers for the dust pollution in Iran,’ the DoE chief Masumeh Ebtekar said in a meeting with visiting Chairman of EC Committee on Foreign Affairs Elmar Brok and his accompanying parliamentary delegation.

She said that regional cooperation is one of the most important ways to thwart degradation of environment and the dust pollution.

She said that implementing the plans for protection of environment proceeds very gradually due to deterioration of security situation in the region.

Armed conflicts and disputes which have come up as the top priority of Iran’s neighboring countries to restore national security, she said.

She emphasized that Iran’s major efforts are focused on introduction of the real façade of Islam and help the region and the entire world get rid of menaces of terrorism and extremism.

Ebtekar welcomed the UN’s entry to help resolve the Asian problem of dust pollution, saying that it could mark the blessing of international cooperation to resolve the grave environmental hazards.

Elmar Brok and members of EC Committee on Foreign Affairs said that Europe is ready for multilateral cooperation with Iran on environment.

‘Europe is also ready for cooperation on transfer of green technology to Iran,’ said Brok.

He said that there are similarities between Christianity and Islam and that both the divine religions have made strict suggestions on the need to protect the environment.