Iran condoles with Ghana over deadly blast amid flooding

Iran has extended its condolences to Ghana’s government and nation over the death of nearly 200 people in the West African country due to a recent explosion and heavy torrential rains in the African country’s capital, Accra.

On Sunday, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham offered the Islamic Republic’s sympathy to the bereaved families of the victims of the tragic blast and flooding.

Iran’s Embassy in Accra is ready to provide medical aid to those injured in the disaster, Afkham added.

On June 3, a massive explosion occurred at a gas station near the Kwame Nkrumah Circle in Accra as people were sheltering against heavy rain.

Two days of heavy raining also left some 150 people dead. A further 25 people have also died in floods, according to Ghanaian officials.

A picture taken in Accra on June 5, 2015 shows the burnt petrol station where over 150 people died on June 3 as a result of an explosion. (© AFP)

Ghana’s President John Dramani Mahama said on Friday that an oil leakage at the petrol station “caused an explosion that killed many people who had sought shelter there from the torrential downpour that had inundated the city.”

Billy Anaglate, a spokesman for Ghana’s national fire service, confirmed Mahama’s account of the explosion, saying the flood “caused the diesel and petrol to flow away from the gas station.”

The Ghanaian president also vowed to adopt precautionary measures in a bid to prevent the repetition of such occurrences in the future.

Following the incident, the government announced three days of mourning due to start on Monday and also earmarked USD 12 million in funds to carry out the relief operations and also reconstruct the heavily damaged infrastructure at the site of the blast.

By Press TV