Capacity of Imam Khomeini Int’l Airport to increase six-fold

Tehran, June 6, IRNA – With the construction of two new major terminals, the capacity of Imam Khomeini International Airport will increase six folds, Minister of Roads and Urban Development Abbas Akhoundi said on Saturday.

Speaking to IRNA, Akhoundi said: ‘We expect that with the construction of the two terminals in the next three years, the 5 million passengers annual capacity of this airport will rise to 30 million passengers.’

‘As the airports have a significant role in promotion of tourism industry, with the development of airports, apart from increasing revenues from passing flights, we pan to give a boost to tourism industry as well,’ the minister said.

Akhoundi said that ‘Salam’ terminal will become operational within the next 14 months. The terminal is a special one for giving services to pilgrims.

To felicitate the transport of passengers, the national railway network is to be inked to terminals of Imam Khomeini Airport, he said, adding that joining this airport to highways is also on the agenda.

He said that Iran’s safe airspace have doubled the number of passing flights compared to two years ago, which he said is an opportunity that should be seized.