Iran allows controlled access to nuclear facilities: Araqchi

Vienna, June 4, IRNA – Iranian senior nuclear negotiator Abbas Araqchi said Thursday that as per the Additional Protocol to Non-Proliferation Treaty, Iran would allow controlled access to its nuclear facilities, which he said is fully different from what is known as inspection.

Speaking upon his arrival in Vienna for a fresh round of nuclear talks, Araqchi said that Iran is still considering formula in line with the additional protocol if the two sides arrive at a final deal. He said that no agreements have yet been made.

On remarks made by Russian top negotiator that drafting the comprehensive deal is nearly over, Araqchi said, ‘we have made significant progress in drafting the final deal, but, we have not made great progress about its appendixes and the work is still going on.’

The work is very difficult and complicated, Araqchi said. However, he noted that there are still a few weeks left and expressed hope that they will meet the deadline of June 30.

The sixth round of negotiations between Iran and the world powers on drafting a comprehensive nuclear deal will begin in Vienna today.

Delegations from all the six world powers – known as the P5+1 – as well as Deputy EU Foreign Policy chief Helga Schmid will be present in the negotiations.