Zarif: Iran’s strategy to support Syria will not change

Tehran, June 2, IRNA – Iran’s support for the Syrian in campaign against terrorism and extremism will not change, Iranian Foreign Minister said in a meeting with visiting Syrian Parliament speaker Muhammad Jihad Laham.

‘I congratulate you, as a representative of the Syrian nation, and His Excellency president Bashar al-Assad for your landmark resistance to the terrorists,’ Zarif said.

Zarif said that the Syrian nation is victorious in every field, particularly in the political field, adding that the supporters of the terrorists are driven to isolation in the international community and have no way but to cooperate with the Syrian government and nation.

‘They have realized that security and influence cannot be achieved by spending money, or by sales of war toys in the region.’

The Iranian top diplomat said that the comprehensive trilateral agreement among Iran, Iraq and Syria, especially in campaign against terrorism and Daesh is in regional nations’ interest, adding that Tehran believes the regional crises need to be resolved by regional countries.

The Syrian parliament speaker appreciated Iran’s support for the Syrian government and nation, saying that in Syria the people and their servants in the army and government are entangled in an unjust war.

‘Syria’s resistance and generous contributions of Syria’s friends, especially Iran, have enabled Damascus to resist to terrorism and extremism,’ said Muhammad Jihad Laham.

He said that just like Israel, terrorism and Daesh have spread like a cancerous gland in the region and the sarcastic point is that the western standard bearers of campaign against terrorism are acting contrary to the slogans.

The Syrian parliament speaker said that President Bashar al-Assad is symbol of resistance and the Syrian army and nation are standing by the president in their campaign against terrorism, extremism and Zionism.