Some are trying to replace me: Iran Intelligence Minister

Tehran, May 31, The Iran Project – “Some groups involved in the elections are scrambling to replace me,” said Iran’s Minister of Intelligence Seyyed Mahmoud Alavi in a speech to governors and provincial governors on Saturday, ILNA reported.

Addressing governors and provincial governors on Saturday, the Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi said there are two critical elections ahead and the government is trying to hold them in the best way possible.

Mahmoud Alavi further referred to some groups involved in the elections that are trying to find a replacement for him, and said the Ministry of Intelligence will not allow anyone to disgrace others for political motivations.

He stressed that the government of hope and prudence wants all factions, whether reformist or principlist, be present in the upcoming elections and does not intend to marginalize any of them.

Also, Iran’s Interior Minister said earlier that the government certainly does not support any group for the upcoming Parliamentary Elections.