Private sector invited to building wind power plants

TEHRAN May 25(Shana)–Concurrent with manufacturing wind turbines at home, private sector can take part in generating clean and affordable wind energy.

Director of engineering bureau at Renewable Energies Organization of Iran Iraj Harsini said the organization supports establishment of wind power plants by the private sector.

He said that domestic manufacturers have stepped up localization of manufacturing 2.5 megawatts turbines as well as the transfer of its related technology.

Last year Iranian experts could indigenize manufacturing of 8 parts of wind turbines so that the country is now dependent on manufacturing wind turbines for just 12 parts, he said.
According to him, domestic manufacturers have indigenized production of prepregs and their production line will be launched in the near future.

Harsini went on to say that the proper location of Iran prepares a suitable ground for new investments in the sector.
Mapna group and Saba Niroo companies are the vanguards of manufacturing wind turbines in Iran, he said, adding private sector’s investment could reinforce the position of renewable energies in the country.