Negotiating team’s work quite faultless

Kerman, May 26, IRNA – Expediency Council member Mohammad-Reza Aref said on Tuesday Iranian negotiating team are involved in fierce challenge with veteran diplomats of six big powers and that that team’s acts have thus far by grace of God been quite faultless.
Speaking in a Q&A session with a group of Kemani university students, Aref made the remarks in response to an article by Hossein Shartiatmadari, the editor in chief of the conservative Persian daily newspaper, Kayhan, who had once again criticized the Iranian negotiating team in an article titled ‘Nuclear Issues and Negotiations’.

‘If we consider ourselves reformists, we should not allow ourselves to respond to the critics using their own language, as that is beneath the dignity of the reformists,’ he said, stressing that all groups should enjoy full freedom in expressing their ideas, although observing the ethical rules and the rule of justice is necessary.

‘Our negotiating team is comprised of most competent diplomats and technicians who are fully committed to preserving the national interests,’ he stressed.

Aref also reminded the critics about the piety of the negotiating team and their commitment to revolutionary values in line with the Supreme Leader’s guidelines.

He said that they are observing the entire redlines of the governing system willingly and as the people expect them to do so.