Iran’s coverage: Nuclear talks might be extended past June 30: Araqchi

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Iran says nuclear talks with powers might be extended past June 30

A self-imposed deadline of June 30 for Iran and six major powers to reach a final nuclear deal to resolve a decade-long standoff may be extended, Iran’s state TV reported.


Iranian, Russian DMs urge speedy implementation of military deals

 Defense ministers from Iran and Russia in a telephone conversation on Tuesday called for the speedy implementation of agreements that Tehran and Moscow have signed in the technical, military and security spheres.


Iran, P5+1 set to start 2nd day of nuclear talks in Vienna

Representatives from Iran and the P5+1 countries are set to start the second day of a fresh round of nuclear talks on drafting the text of a final agreement over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program in the Austrian capital of Vienna.


Iran never supplied arms to Yemeni Houthis – Diplomat

Iran has never supplied arms to Yemen as the crisis-hit country has massive stockpiles of weaponry and does not need additional shipments from abroad, a senior Iranian diplomat said in an exclusive interview with Sputnik.


Iranian nuclear negotiator: Expert talks in Vienna fruitful

Head of the Iranian team of nuclear experts described as useful an expert meeting in the Austrian capital of Vienna on Tuesday, a day before the start of deputy-level negotiations to resume drafting the text of a final agreement on Iran’s peaceful nuclear program.


Tehran foils US Cyberattack on Iran’s oil ministry – Cyber police head

In the last two months, Iranian Cyber Attacks Emergency Center foiled a cyberattack on the country’s oil ministry conducted by hackers from the United States, the head of the Iranian Cyber Police (FATA) said Tuesday.


Officials must stand firm on Iran’s stance: Leader

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says Iranian officials must stand firm on the country’s stance during nuclear negotiations with the P5+1 countries to secure the nation’s interests.


Iran FM urges serious OIC action on Yemen

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has urged the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to take serious action to deal with problems facing the Muslim world, particularly the ongoing war in Yemen.


Iran, Kuwait stress confronting Takfiri terrorist groups

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and his Kuwaiti counterpart have stressed the necessity of confronting Takfiri terrorist groups in the Middle East.


Gasoline price rise legal

A senior government official has said that the recent rise in gasoline prices in Iran was in accordance with the law and the government was obliged by the subsidies reform plan to raise the prices.