Too early to deliver S-300 missile defense systems to Iran – Official

The due time for the delivery of S-300 missile defense systems to Iran is yet to come, the Russian Security Council Deputy Secretary said.
MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The decision to supply Iran with S-300 missile defense systems has already been made, but it is still too early to deliver the systems, Russian Security Council Deputy Secretary Yevgeny Lukyanov said Tuesday.

“The decision on sending the S-300 [missile defense systems] to Iran has been made, but the implementation of this project requires some time. As far as I understand the time of the delivery has not come yet,” Lukyanov told journalists.

Russia’s deal with Iran to deliver five S-300 systems dates to 2007. It was halted after the UN Security Council slapped Tehran with an arms embargo over its controversial nuclear energy program.

In April 2015, Iran was able to take the edge off the nuclear row after it agreed on a framework accord to dismantle parts of its nuclear infrastructure in exchange for the easing of sanctions.

The final agreement between Tehran and six world powers, due by the end of June, is expected to open the way for Russian arms deliveries. Last month, Russian President Vladimir Putin lifted the ban on the sale of S-300s to the Islamic republic.

Russia’s decision has been heavily criticized by Israel amid concerns that the shipments could increase tensions in the region, although its key ally US President Barack Obama said he was surprised the deal was suspended for so long, given that the defensive S-300s were not covered by the UN embargo.

By Sputnik