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Nasrallah: South Lebanon was freed thanks to Iran’s assistance

Beirut, May 25, IRNA – Lebanese Hizbullah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah said Lebanon managed to liberate the southern parts of the country with Iran’s assistance.

In a speech to mark the anniversary of liberation of southern Lebanon, he paid tribute to the Iranian Supreme Leader, government and people for supporting Hizbullah in southern Lebanon liberation operations.

Comparing the present situation in today Lebanon with that of 1982-2000 when the southern Lebanon was under Zionist regime occupation, he said the history is repeating itself in Lebanon with Zionist enemies changing places with the Takfiri terrorists.

The Hizbullah leader went on to say that those groups in Lebanon that keep silent in face of Daesh crimes and even support them will be the first victims of the terrorist group.

Their silence will certainly not save them from Daesh terrorists, he added.

He further advised those who were investing hope in the US, the so-called anti-terrorism coalition, the Arab League, the OIC, the UN and the Arab armies to review the Iraqi developments to understand that their hope bears no fruits.

He said he was focusing on Daesh in his speech because it was a plot hatched by Takfiri groups which knows only to shed blood, to kill, to destroy, to murder people in the name of religion and to behead people.

He said Daesh is certainly not a tiny group is some location inside the Arabic and Islamic world but one which has extensive presence in vast parts of Syria, Iraq, Egypt, occupied Palestine, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, northern Africa and recently in Saudi Arabia.

Some people in region are still putting heads in the sand and denying these groups exists, or are considering them as friends, Nassrallah stressed.

Pointing to the ruthless performance of Daesh towards people like beheading up to ten thousand people so far, he said that this is not a Sunni-Shiite war the terrorist group is seeking to lead but a battle rooted from savage Takfiri way of thinking confronting all nations.

Commenting on Iraq developments, he said, “Those who have chosen to seek the US support, have they not studied the history and the plots hatched against these countries? Have they not perceived how they are playing with the governments and nations in the region? Sell their arms to them (regional countries) and loot the oil, gas and other assets existing in the region.”

He said Iran is the right choice to make for all regional countries because it is their sincere friend.

He further said that Takfiri terrorists are not stronger than the US and Israel who have already suffered blows by resistance groups in different regional nations.


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