Iran calls for collective efforts to fight ISIL in region

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan in a meeting with Iraqi Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jabouri in Baghdad on Wednesday called for collective cooperation to uproot the Takfiri terrorist groups, including the ISIL, in the region.

“The ISIL is a threat not only to Iraq, but to the entire region; fighting ISIL in Iraq needs cooperation of all Iraqi currents and tribes under the flag of an integrated and independent Iraq,” Brigadier General Dehqan said.

He underlined that Iran is pursuing the policy of Iraq’s unity and integrity against security threats, and said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran will stay beside the Iraqi nation and government without any precondition… .”

Brigadier General Dehqan, meantime, pointed to Iran-Iraq cooperation, and said, “The two countries’ strategic cooperation plays an important role in the restoration of peace, stability, tranquility and security to the region.”

The Iraqi parliament speaker, for his part, appreciated Iran’s support for Iraq, and said, “The Iraqis consider themselves indebted to these helps and supports.”

“Fighting (and uprooting) the ISIL needs colossal efforts and terrorism should be challenged in Iraq and the region through boosting mutual cooperation and exchanging experiences in a completely active manner,” al-Jabouri added.

Dehqan who is visiting Baghdad to boost the two states’ defense cooperation told his Iraqi counterpart in a meeting on Monday that Tehran will stand beside the Iraqi nation and government with maximum power.

“We are here to show our resolve to implement the agreements and expand bilateral ties and help resolve the security challenges and crises through synergy and reinvigoration of active resistance,” Dehqan said at the meeting with his Iraqi counterpart Brigadier General Khaled al-Obeidi.

Stressing Iran’s interest in the further development of relations and cooperation with the Iraqi government in different aspects, specially defense and security fields, he said, “The regional conditions, including intensified crises and insecurity at the common security environment of Iran and Iraq, have made close defense cooperation between the two countries inevitable.”

Dehqan described Iran-Iraq defense and security cooperation and joint campaign against terrorism as a component of security in the region, and said, “Iran has stood beside the Iraqi nation and government with all its power and without any expectation.”

He expressed the hope that during his trip, in addition to bolstering defense cooperation, long strides would be taken to fully annihilate the terrorist-Zionist-Takfiri cells as the main elements of insecurity in the region.

Al-Obeidi, for his part, underlined unity between Iran and Iraq, and said, “Certainly, development of cooperation between the two countries will make us successful and capable for overcoming the challenges.”

He appreciated Tehran for its assistance and aide, and said, “We seriously need the Islamic Republic of Iran’s support and assistance, specially at this sensitive juncture, and we hope that we can win over the enemies of Iraq through cooperation with Iran.”

By Fars News Agency