Assad: Ever-increasing victories indebted to Iranian support

Damascus, May 19, IRNA – Syrian president said on Tuesday his country’s ever-increasing success in campaign against terrorism and extremism is indebted to Tehran’s all-out support for Damascus, adding that no one can ever break the resistance front.

President Bashar al-Assad made the comment in a meeting with Ali Akbar Velayati, advisor to the Supreme Leader on International Affairs.

He said that Velayati’s visit is beyond doubt a certain political message.

‘Keeping in mind that you are an adviser of the Iranian Supreme Leader, your visit of Syria can have valuable influence, among which we can expect ever-increasing victories in campaign against terrorism,’ said the Syrian president.

Assad said that Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khameneie has a full insight about the regional, the global, and the Syrian developments, presented his own interpretations on the regional developments and appreciated the Supreme Leader, the Iranian officials, and nation for their support for the Syrian people and government.

‘So far, the Saudi Arabian and Turkish governments’ support, as well as some other countries contributions to the terrorists and extremists has not managed to break the resistance force in the region, and God willing, the anti-resistance forces will not manage to do so in the future, either,’ he said.

Velayati arrived in Syria via land earlier on Tuesday.