Ali Jannati

Jannati: All religions in Iran have peaceful co-existence

Tehran, May 17, IRNA – Minister of Culture and the Islamic Guidance Ali Jannati said on Sunday that all divine religions in Iran live peacefully alongside each other bringing a great honor for the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In a meeting with Patriarch of Chaldean and Assyrian Catholic Church Mar Louis I Sako, he added that Iran’s Constitution has recognized three divine religions which have representatives in Majlis.

The ministry is doing its best to prepare suitable grounds for all religions to be able to live comfortably and express their views freely.

Noting that over 20,000 Assyrians are currently living in Iran, Jannati said that Iran houses 300 churches with 100 belonging to Assyrian compatriots.

The minister noted that the ministry issues license for organizing festivals and programs of the Assyrian compatriots with peace of mind.

Jannati said that all Iranian governments including ‘Government of Prudence and Hope’ does not differentiate between Muslim and Christian citizens and treats all of them fairly and equally.

Referring to moderation as the motto of the ‘Government of Prudence and Hope’, he noted, ‘We believe Islam advocates moderation and calls on Muslims to avoid going to extremes.’

Certain terrorist groups such ISIL which have no link with Islam are trying to distort the real image of Islam, he said, noting, ‘We are opposed to all their moves.’

Mar Louis I Sako, for his part, said, ‘We have ancient relations with Iran and Islam and Christianity believe in pluralism and respect human dignity.’