President Rouhani: Holy Quran main uniting factor of Muslims

Tehran, May 15, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani underlined that the Holy Quran is surely the most important factor which help to unity of Muslims.

‘One of the issues that results in unity among Muslims is reading the Holy Quran in the a single language which is Arabic,’ President Rouhani said, addressing the opening ceremony of the 32nd International Holy Quran Competitions in Tehran on Friday.

The Iranian president reiterated that Quran is definitely the most important common uniting element for Muslims.

‘We should reach to the depth of the Holy Quran and see the effects of such understanding in our lives,’ President Rouhani added.

The Iranian president reiterated that Islam is the religion of brotherhood and the holy Quran clearly indicates this, ‘An today the Muslim world need the Holy Quran and acting to its instructions.