Fake standard-bearers of Islam kill Muslims today

Tehran, May 15, IRNA – Real face of fake standard-bearers of Islam was reveal this year, as those self-claimed standard-bearers are busy killing Muslims in Yemen, while Iran is striving to provide food and medicine for victims, said interim Friday prayer imam of Tehran.

‘Yemen is today our topmost concern, as it is the most important matter for not only the Islamic world today, but the human society’s major concern for the time being,’ said Ayatollah Mohammad-Ali Movahhedi-Kermani in his 2nd sermon.

He said that the news on catastrophic scenes heard and seen on TV screens nowadays reveal the horrendous dimensions of the criminal acts that the Saudi-led coalition commit in Yemen against the innocent and defenseless citizens of that country, including women, children, young an old folks.

‘Those crimes are committed by a government that considers itself the main axis of the Islamic world, and the servant of the two holiest Islamic shrines,’ added Ayatollah Kermani.

The provisional Friday prayers leader of the Iranian capital city wished that the Saudis had not claimed such pompous entitlements in Islam.

‘If only the world would have said that these crimes are not related in any way to Islam. You put a big black blot on Islam’s face in the world and defamed Islam into a very ugly beast’s shape,’ said the prominent cleric.

Addressing Ale Saud, Movahhedi-Kermani said, ‘Not only the world nations consider you the guardians of the holy shrines in Mecca and Medina, but also you advise the people to recite the Glorious Qur’an. Yet, the people see that despite your titles and your advice, you are so cruelly and mercilessly massacring the Muslims.’

He said that the only crime that can be imagined for the Yemeni citizens is that they have said they want to deicide their own fates, they do not want to be under the hegemony of the alien powers, and will not yield to foreign pressure and then a country that claims to be the guardian of Islam drops bombs on their heads defaming Islam.

Movahhedi-Kermani also strongly condemned those so-called Islamic countries that have assisted the criminal Saudis in their horrendous acts in Yemen, arguing that they, too, are accomplices in those crimes and cannot justify their deeds there.

He meanwhile criticized the international organizations that forgot their humanitarian duties in case of the Yemen war despite the human rights claims they have always had, as well as the United States that constantly does so, but often supports the dictators, such as the Saudis.

‘Those are hypocrites that are in fact the enemies of the human beings, but claim to be the defenders of humanity,’ said the ayatollah.

The interim Friday prayers imam of Tehran also considered the Yemen case as a big test for the people of the Arabian Peninsula.

‘You sit and recite the Glorious Qur’an for hours. You are advised to recite the Holy Book as much as you can. But how much of the messages of Qur’an do you comprehend?

‘Do you not contemplate about the holy verses that you recite? The Qur’an does not permit you to sit silent when you see that a criminal is committing horrendous crimes,’ he said.

He asked the Arabian Peninsula citizens why do they not shout and protest against their oppressor rulers.

‘Of course in some corners of Saudi Arabia there are cries of objection against that oppressor regime, but that doe not suffice,’ he said.

‘If the entire Arabian Peninsula will upraise and shout slogans against those oppressors then their fate will resemble the fate of the Islamic Iran, in which the oppressors were annihilated and their criminal acts came to an end,’ he added.

Movahhedi-Kermani also expressed regret that Islam’s two holiest shines are enslaved under the rule of that oppressor regime.

‘The Holy Kaaba and the Prophet’s Shrine in Medina need to be liberated from the reign of these oppressors. Those shrines are enslaved today,’ he said.

The Friday prayers imam of Tehran said that the lifespan of the Ale Saud regime has expired, quoting the Glorious Qur’an as proof for this claim where God stresses that when He wills, the oppressor and corrupt regimes are toppled, as the ousted Shah of Iran was urged to flee from the country.

‘That child-killer regime has thus far martyred 4,000 and wounded 7,000 people in Yemen while demolishing 900 infrastructure facilities and service rendering centers there which is why serving the wounded victims is impossible in Yemen today,’ he added.